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Quick Takeaways:

  • Using a drone in your real estate marketing allows you to highlight the landscape, outdoor features, and location of the home
  • Technology is important to many homebuyers, and by incorporating your knowledge of it into your listing, millennials especially may be all the more interested
  • According to the MLS, homes displayed with aerial shots are 68% more likely to sell

It's important to note that drone usage in real estate may be subject to local regulations and restrictions, such as obtaining proper permits, respecting privacy laws, and adhering to airspace regulations. Real estate professionals should familiarize themselves with the specific regulations in their area and follow best practices for safe and responsible drone operation.

Drone usage is a growing trend in the real estate industry. You can either obtain a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Pilot Certificate yourself for commercial use or hire a professional drone pilot/photographer. It is important to keep up with the FAA drone regulations and keep your Remote Pilot Certificate current.

Using drones in real estate marketing allows you to show the property from many unique angles, allowing the prospective buyer to view not only the house, the roof and yard, but also the surrounding neighborhood and views.

It is helpful to see great examples of real estate drone videos you can build on. Create a library of different shots and angles, to highlight the important features of the property. Take advantage of the flexibility of drone photography over static photographs.

Don’t buy a drone and just start flying. The FAA has strict rules and regulations about pilot certificates, prohibited airspace usage, drone operations at night and much more.